Rings of Enchantment

Everything is About to Change...

The enchantments protecting the kingdom of Mere are growing weaker. Jacan, recognizing the change, sends his army of Umbra through the shadow portals to wreak havoc on the cities outside Mere’s walls of protection.  He feels his own powers have begun to weaken.  That could only mean one thing, the heir of Nebula has returned.

As Preston approaches Mere he is discovering more of his father’s stories are coming to life around him.  He is struggling with the thought that he will be the King, and that one day he is expected to marry the Princess of Mere.  When Preston takes a wrong step and finds himself alone, he uncovers something that his father never told him. Will he discover all the pieces of the puzzle in time with danger around every corner and Jacan and the Umbra getting closer?

Chloe’s magic builds with each challenge from The Master Puzzler and the evil creatures that inhabit Mere. She quickly becomes a skilled sorceress as she fights alongside an unlikely companion.  Can Chloe learn to control her magic before it consumes her life source?  Will she accept what is yet to come? 

Follow the epic journey of Preston, Megan, Chloe and Jason in their quest for victory and their struggle to take their rightful places in the kingdom of Mere. 


Megan was frantic. Her eyes red from the many tears she had spilt. She couldn’t believe that Preston had disappeared so quickly. The abyss grabbing hold of him instantly and sucking him down so fast not even Zachi’s magic could get him back, or even her control of the water. She had tried to get the water to bring him back up like she had done when fighting Cane, but the magical barrier was just too powerful, and she was still too weak to get it to release its grip of him. Dakila had even tried to swim quickly after him, but he had disappeared too swiftly. Megan had known that she had to keep her concentration, because if she faltered at all, she would lose hold on the magic that was keeping Preston a merman. She cleared her mind, trying to connect with him, to feel his mind in hers like she had done since leaving Rill, but she couldn’t touch him. Her grandmother had taught her to make the connection with her brother so she could keep him a merman, and when he was sucked down into the depths of the sea, she continued that connection as long as she could but she was only able to hold her concentration for a short time, and now something felt terribly wrong. She couldn’t feel his mind anymore, which meant that she couldn’t keep him a merman.
© Alicia Rivoli 2012