Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A little Update...and an "experiment"

Hey everyone!  I wanted to give you all an update as to what has been happening lately.  Book 2 in The Enchantment Series is coming along nicely.  I am so excited to get it out for all of you to read.  Chloe, Megan, Preston, and Jason are learning more and more about where they belong in their new lives, but Jacan is getting closer to his own goal as well.  I am working hard to have it finished and ready for publication hopefully this Fall,   I am not sure on an exact date yet.  I do have a name chosen, and I will share it will all of you soon!

I also want to share a little writing I have done on a separate topic, and also experiment a little.  The writing is something that came to my mind as I was lying in bed.  I picture it would be something to be read aloud to a crowd whose eyes are closed to help them use their imaginations to picture what the reader is trying to get them to picture.  As I can't have you all "close your eyes" I ask that you share your thoughts about how you felt as you were reading.  Did it make you feel sad? Happy? Dreamy?  Leave me a comment, and let me know what you are thinking.

I stood silently.  The wildflowers in the meadow swayed rhythmically in the cool spring breeze. The sun's heat radiated down my neck, and glinted off the drops of dew on a nearby fern as my fingers felt its smooth surface.  I closed my eyes and listened to the song birds as they sang, calling to each other.  It smelled slightly of pine and freshly fallen rain.  A chill down my spine made me realize that I wasn't alone, I was being watched.  I walked slowly, my fingertips grazing the top of the tall grass.  The sound of silence reached my ears, the song birds no longer singing, the breeze had fallen silent.  I continued my walk, my eyes closed.  Another chill, this time each little hair stood up on the back of my neck, alerting me of danger.  There was something, or someone behind me.  I slowly turned, my fingers still sliding along the tops of the thick grass.  A blast of heat blew into my face, a snarl cutting through the silence.  I opened my eyes, only to find a pair of yellow eyes looking back at me.  I smiled, I had been waiting for him to come, waiting for the dreams to return.  My hands slowly lifted.  Trembling, I reached for him, knowing that he would never allow me to touch him, but I tried anyway.  I inhaled slowly, I could almost feel his soft grey fur.  A low growl escaped his teeth, I knew that he was warning me, telling me I was to close, but I continued to reach for him.  I had been waiting so long to be this close, I hungered to finally face my fear.  Another growl, this one more threatening, but I continued to reach.  I could feel the heat from his body, I breathed slowly, not moving my eyes from his.  My heart raced, urging me to run, to flee from danger.  I couldn't run, not now, I was so close.  I could feel the top of his fur, it tickled my fingertips.  The wolf snarled, his teeth showing a brilliant white.  I stared at him, the piercing yellow eyes of my father as I laid my hand on his neck.
(Alicia Rivoli, 2012)

Alright, now it's your turn I want to hear from you, what do you think of this little story?


Anna said...

I LOVE the way you write! Very awesome short story. Felt like I was there! Now I want to read more! Thanks for sharing =D

I'm also soooo excited about Book 2! Can't wait! =D

Alicia Rivoli said...

Thank you Anna! I am happy that you enjoyed the short story. :-)I'll be posting more about book 2 soon.

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