Thursday, November 15, 2012

Character Conundrum

I have a slight character conundrum. I have an entire page in my outline for The Enchantment Series that is dedicated to my characters. Their names, ages, hair color, etc... are all typed up in a "no one but me can understand this mess" kind of thing. As I was writing a couple of days ago, I realized that maybe every single person might not need a name, after all, the book isn't about the maid in the castle of Loch, or the boy that watches over the horses, it is about Chloe, Jason, Preston, Megan, and Zach. So why do I feel it so necessary to give a name to everyone else? The only answer I could come up with is each one of these people had names when I dreamt the story of Mere. They walked and breathed, and had feelings. Giving each person a name brings the world to life. It helps me visualize the surroundings, and get a better feeling for my main characters. I have been trying to provide my readers with a little less character, and a lot more action in book 2, so hopefully you all will be able to put more focus on the lives of the five characters the story is made for. I do however want to know, what is your character limit? Also who is your favorite character, and why? Not just from Mere Enchantment, but from any book.


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