Thursday, June 26, 2014

Proud to be a WRITER

During my life I have done a lot of amazing things.  Life sometimes will grab a hold of you and take you by surprise, or sometimes it may just give you exactly what you want.  Either way, I'm blessed to have been given the many blessing I receive each day. As I struggled recently with "writer's block", I knew I needed to find a way to over come this problem and get back to what I really wanted to do.  I tried everything, from reading other books, to writing my ideas on paper.  Sometimes I would just sit and stare at my screen and hope that my fingers would do their thing, only to get frustrated that I couldn't make myself write.

Something had to change, and it needed to begin with my family.  I found that my life as a full time wife and mother was the most important thing, and I needed to step back and find myself again.  I took some time off, played with my kids, went to baseball games, and on walks with my puppy.  It wasn't until we went on vacation as a family that I found my muse again. The dreams started returning, and my mind found itself full of wonderful ideas.  Sometimes it's important to just take a look at your life, find what's missing, and take the time to get it back.  For me, it was just taking time for myself and time for my family.  I had to re-discover my story, and the real reason I wanted to be a writer.  My kids are my inspiration.  I want them to have good, clean, high-quality books to read.  With so much devastation and fear in the world, I wanted them to be able to grab a book, and not worry about life for a while.  This is the reason that I wanted to be a writer.

Now that my characters have made a comeback, I'm going to be in a writing frenzy!  I will be starting new projects, while still keeping my kids busy during their summer break.  It was nice to take the break, but I'm excited to be back in the story of Amelia!


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