Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Encourage Holiday Reading

This time of year we find ourselves busy with the preparations of Christmas. We try to volunteer our time and services to others, spread Christmas cheer to those around us, and prepare the decorations and gifts that are eagerly awaited by all. Christmas Break is a great time to encourage your children (and ourselves) to read. I found these great tips over at Check out their site for great book reviews!
First, let’s talk about ways to encourage reading with your family throughout the Christmas season.

  • Have Elf on the Shelf? Perhaps your elf could be discovered reading a favorite book or even in a pile of books your child might read.
  • Create an advent calendar surrounding books or authors. Count down to the big day with a different author quote or information about an age-appropriate book.
  • Set aside a family time for reading. This is a great thing to do all year long, but especially in the winter months. If you have older children who can read on their own, you could even start your own family book club.
  • Is your family doing Angel Tree? Even if it’s not requested, include an age-appropriate book or two (or three!) with the gifts.  
Most of these ideas center around kids, but it’s important (and fun!) for us adults to read too. We suggest:
  • Joining (or start) a book club
  • Create a routine around reading at night with a favorite blanket, location, and warm drink, and
  • Use More Than A Review to choose your next book!  
I pray all may have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Keep reading!


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