Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The honesty of a writer

For many months now, I have really struggled with all things books. Reading, writing, and anything in between. I couldn't find the motivation to do something I usually love. Just the thought of even reading a book was depressing. I think because I felt so much pressure in releasing my last two books that the thought of starting another was daunting. Even though I have begun another book, I am having difficulty throwing myself into the story. With school out for the summer, I used it as an excuse to keep on ignoring my characters and any other books.
A few weeks ago I decided it was time to wake up and restart my engine, so to speak. I went to my local library with my boys and for the first time in months, checked out a book. It happened to be by one of my favorite authors of children's books, Brandon Mull. Sky Raiders seemed like a perfect choice to bounce me back into the game.  It had been on my To Be Read list for sometime.
I quickly opened the pages and began reading. After the first chapter, I was enticed, but still my mind wouldn't allow me the escape I was looking for. I put the book down in frustration. I kept trying, even renewing the book, twice. Chapter by chapter I continued. My mind still forcing the beautifully written book from my mind.
After weeks of trying and still only about 5 chapters in, I had almost given up. The book had now become a permanent fixture on my shelf. One day as I passed by it for the millionth time, I decided to sit down and try again. I tuned out the sounds around me, sat back in my comfy chair and opened the book. I soon found myself lost in the story line, wanting to know more. A couple days later I closed the book for the last time and have already placed a hold on the next book. After a couple more weeks, I have now completed three more books.
I'm still not back to 100% but I can feel the stories forming again. I'm hoping that I've finally found myself reaching the top of the rut and can now begin a new chapter. Literally. 


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