Friday, September 7, 2012

Music and writing

In past interviews, people have asked me if I listen to a certain type of music while I write.  My response was always no.  I love to have it completely quiet while I write and could never understand how anyone could write otherwise.
Lately however, I have been struggling to find my special place in my mind where I go when I write, and decided to try and have a little 'quiet' spa like music playing in the background.  As I pulled up my manuscript, I instantly fell into a routine, quickly finishing a chapter, and writing several more pages with no problems.
That is when it struck.  I realized my writing had changed to match the type of music I was listening to.  This particular part of the story required Chloe to perform a certain type of magic.  When I thought about this scene a few days earlier I struggled with how I was going to get her to do this. It was going  to be difficult for me to describe to the audience how I saw her task in my head.  While typing, I could hear the calming sound of chirping birds, and babbling brook, and before I even realized it, I had typed the entire scene so beautifully it made me smile.
So now I realize why some people need music to help them write.  I will defiantly need to find a type of music to help me write the upcoming battle scene with Jacan.  So I need your ideas, what type of songs do you think would help me write a big battle scene?


Anna said...

This is so funny you write this! I am reading a book called "Day of War". It has that 300 movie vibe to it. A lot of fighting and battles, and gore. I was listening to Pandora and had it on "Film Scores" radio station. There were a few songs that came on that TOTALLY matched what I was reading and it was like I was watching a battle scene in a movie. I remember one of those scores was from the movie Prince Caspian. So I guess maybe you can start there? =D

Alicia Rivoli said...

Thanks Anna! I'll have to check it out! I bought the Eclipse movie score CD by accident a couple of years ago and I love it! Film scores are a great idea.

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