Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The {Booker} Award!

A big thank you to Cassandra Giovanni for the nomination to receive The {Booker} Award!  This is an award just for Authors that prompts us to tell about our five favorite books, then nominate five fellow authors who we feel deserve the award as well.

A list of my five favorites are below:

1. Okay I know this is kind of cliche', but I love Stephenie Meyer's Twilight!

There is just something about this book that draws you in.  Her writing makes you want to know more.  I don't typically pick up a book about Vampires or Werewolves, but I had to see what the hype was all about and fell in love with the first book in her series.  The others are okay, but this one is awesome!  The story of a girl falling in love with a vampire isn't something that is new, there are many books that do the exact same thing, but there is just something enchanting about the way Stephenie writes the story that makes is so hard to put down.

2: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen!

 Oh my, this book is by far my all time favorite book.  I find myself speaking in the language for days after I have read this book, I even dream in the mystical language.  The way Elizabeth refuses to become the girl that society demands, keeps me coming back to this book.  Mr. Darcy starts as a pig, and ends up as the hero of the book.  If you haven't read this, you should, it's a classic after all. :-)

3. Double Exposure by Blaine and Brenton Yorgason

Seriously this is a high contender for my favorite book.  The novel takes place in current time with two people wanting something different.  After their plane crashes they find themselves "lost."  Truly a magnificent book,and one of the first books that I really sat down and read.  A must read, if you can find a copy.

4: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

 The magic in this book truly grabs you and sucks you in.  This book helped inspire me in writing my own book.  The thoughts of having your grandparents somehow be caretakers of the fantasy creatures living in today's time is intriguing.  Brandon does a magnificent job or getting you involved in the characters lives.  A great book for children and adults of any age.

5: The fifth book is a little more difficult for me, as I have so many that I love, but if I had to choose one, I would choose, The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks.
I am not a big romance book reader.  I was very skeptical when I picked up my first Nicholas Sparks book, as I had heard so many negative comments about "how anyone could write a Nicholas Sparks book."  From a writers perspective, this is incorrect.  Yes most of his books are tailored around the same things, the "girl likes guy, guy likes girl,there's a problem, but they usually get together in the end." kind of thing, but it takes a lot of talent in my opinion to write a romance book that makes it feel like it's real life, like these things are really happening and you are the one watching it all unravel.  So kudos to Nicholas Sparks for keeping me coming back for more!

I have a lot of favorite books, these are just a small list of some of my favorites.  You can also check out The Dragon Keeper Chronicles by Donita K Paul, The Percy Jackson Series, Harry Potter, The Heroes of Olympus, The Kingdom Keepers, and The Chronicles of Narnia.  These are all books that would be on this list also.

Now for my nominations...drumroll please
1. Jessica Sorensen-author of The Fallen Star Series
2. David Estes- author of The Moon Dwellers
3. Jessica Day George-author of Dragon Slippers
4. Ann Haines-author of Brunswick
5. Travis Hall-author of the Sonora series.


Cassandra Giovanni said...

It was great to see your favorite books. I do agree that Twilight is the best of the Saga. Jane Austen, deep sigh...my favorite ever in the whole wide world of writing. I feel the same way. I'm actually working on a novel in "Jane Austen's style".

Alicia Rivoli said...

You'll have to let me know when it's out. I'd love to read it. Have you read Edenbrooke?

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