Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In Dedication...

In dedication to those who lost their lives in CT on December 14th.  I hope this brings comfort to those families in mourning.

Arms Open Wide

I think of the day when my life ended so quickly, I remember it well and think of it often. I was sitting in school, as my teacher was speaking when she instantly pushed me and shoved me to hide. I woke up in heaven, staring down at my family, all had tears in their eyes and my heart filled with sorrow. Jesus approached me, his arms open wide. " Fear not, you are with me and your family will miss you, but they will be filled with comfort and peace. Your time on earth was brief, and sadness fills the air, but all will be well."  I watched as my family laid me to rest, their goodbyes were heartfelt and joy filled my soul. I know that I left you, I know you are sad, but fear not He is with you, and time will go quickly, for I'll be waiting with my arms open wide when the day finally comes when we're together again.
                                                                                                                            ©Alicia Rivoli


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