Friday, January 4, 2013

Busy month ahead!

December was a great month for my writing, I was able to write several chapters, and also do a couple of re-writes of things that didn't make sense.  I was really on a roll, then someone hit the breaks as the holiday's came and I had both of my children at home. My writing came to a complete stand still.  Trying to write with two children at home is very difficult, as you have one in each ear asking for your undivided attention. :-)  It was a great holiday, and I do have to say I'm very sad that it has come to an end so quickly.  I will be picking back up on my writing this next week, and hopefully have a release date for you all, as well as the name of the second book very soon.  I'm designing the cover (seems to be ever changing in my head), getting it my ideas ready for the cover artist, and doing the final touches to my manuscript before I turn in over to my editor, so hang in there.  I do have to say that while my children were home, I was able to start reading a wonderful book by a dear friend of mine called The Magic Wakes by Charity Bradford.  It is an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) and has an expected publication of February 18th!  The book is amazing, and I hope to have a review posted very soon, with her permission of course. The new year has definitely come in like a lion, and January will be a very busy month for me.  I hope the New Year brings great blessing to you all!


Charity Bradford said...

Every time I see someone is actually reading the ARCs I gave out I get all anxious. maybe I'm not cut out to be a writer! LOL, guess it's too late for that. I'm half way through Mere Enchantment too.

Alicia Rivoli said...

I know how you feel. It still makes me blush when someone tells me they bought a copy of my book. :)

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