Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Battle of Words

As I have stated previously, writing was never on my radar of things I wanted to do in my life.  I was never very talented with school work, math especially, so doing something like this was far from my mind.  As I got older, and became more mature, I realized my love of coming up with stories in my head, so why not write it down.  When I realized I actually had a knack for this skill, I kept going and Mere Enchantment was born.  The problem, my story was much to long for just one book, and I knew after I hit around 90,000 words that I was going to have to make it a series, so The Enchantment Series was then put into play.  I finished up the first book, and published it for all to read a few years later.  
Life got busy, my kids started growing up and their schedules began to fill up my calendar. Now I'm sitting in front of my computer, looking around at my somewhat clean house, listening to the quiet breathing of my dreaming son in the next room, trying to battle my mind for the right words for each character.  
I have dubbed this problem, The Battle of Words.  Each sentence gives new life to my book, creating more excitement, and I hate to say it, more battles with the right words.  Who knew that writing a series would be so difficult.  Trying to tie things in from the first book, so those that read the series won't miss a step is becoming quite the challenge, but one I am thrilled to dive into.  Each time I pull up my laptop, and open up my book, my mind races to get everything out at the same time, causing me to type so fast I end up erasing many many errors. :-)  So here is to those who came before me, those that have written many series, kudos to you.  I only hope that my fingers can keep up with my "dreamer" mind!


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